Dark Toscana Bread

Wheat flour1.70085
Rye flour30015
Inventis Zavarka Dark Malt80040
Fresh yeast502,5
Improver „Magimix“*502,5
Decoration seeds (optional)40020
Sunflower seeds oil603
Mixing5 + 8 min
Temperature of dough26°C
Bulk fermentation20-30 min
Resting time60-90 min
Dividing300-600 g
Shaping350 g dough, round/oval
Final proofing45-65 min/ 30-32°С, 75% r.h.
Baking220-240 °С/ 20-25 min

*contact your Lesaffre subsidiary


rustic crust, well aerated bread with light brown crumb
moist and elastic
flavor from roasted malt, well balanced between slightly sweet taste and acid note, combined with subitle spicy taste profile